Do you, or someone you know, have a disabling condition forcing you to seek a more comfortable place to live? Are you bothered by living alone? Would you enjoy socializing with others in your own age group?

We encourage you to visit us at the Country Villa Retirement Home. We offer spacious private suites with private bathrooms, peaceful atmosphere, all meals delicately prepared, senior citizen activities & outings, caring and personable socializing, laundry and linen service, parking spaces, wildlife attractions and more. The Country Villa is privately owned and operated by Joseph and Paula Goudreau. Stop by and see our home. The door is always open.

Our Goal: to enable our residents to be independent and to have the best quality of life possible.

The Country Villa is a peaceful home for people who find it impractical to maintain their own home. Senior Citizens who need a helping hand, but also have the desire to remain as independent as possible.